University of Queensland Heron Island Research Station

Heron Island is famous around the world for its spectacular coral reef, extraordinary variety of aquatic life, migrating whales, nesting turtles and as a breeding ground for an abundance of bird life. Exemplifying ecotourism at its best, Heron Island has been awarded an Advanced Eco-Certification by Ecotourism Australia.

As well as running our own power generator, producing potable water and treating wastewater, Heron Island Resorts also provides these services to the independent Heron Island Research Station and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Ranger Station (QPWS), the only two tenants on Heron Island.

The University of Queensland’s Heron Island Research Station is a world-class research and teaching facility. It is the largest island-based research station in the Southern Hemisphere with a rich history of research, even pre-dating its construction in 1951.

The facility is utilised by over 60 institutions, domestic and international, as part of educational programs, workshops and of course as a base from which to conduct ground-breaking research.

A Heron Island Research Station tour is run daily by station staff, providing detailed insight into how the station operates and the research that is conducted there. The tour also features a touch tank which allows you to get up close and personal with creatures you’ll see out on the reef and your tour guide will grant you access to restricted research areas.

Inquire at Resort Reception for tour cost and availability.

Visit the Heron Island Research Station website to learn more about the facility prior to your stay.