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Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef

If you love nature, Heron Island is truly a very special place. A natural coral cay located 72 kms off the coast of Queensland, Australia, and situated in the midst of the famous Great Barrier Reef.


Sea & Reef

Few places let you explore a fascinating marine ecosystem as Heron does. Experience the reef’s abundant and colourful marine life, right at your fingertips, just steps off the beach.

And for more underwater adventure, Heron Island is a snorkelling and diving paradise—considered by many to be one of the best diving areas on the planet.



Island & Air

Heron’s natural sights and wonders don’t end at the water’s edge. It’s a protected sea turtle nesting ground, and one of the few places where the eco traveller can watch sea turtles nesting and hatching.

It’s also a breeding and nesting sanctuary for a huge variety of birds, and some months, thousands of migratory birds call Heron home.



Adventure & Comfort

Heron Island’s trained wildlife and marine activities guides, and hotel staff, are here to help you make the most of your time on the Great Barrier Reef—whether on land or sea.

Heron Island’s comfortable guest rooms and cottages accommodate one or many, and all feature outdoor balconies and terraces to let you take in nature at your own pace.



You’ll also enjoy excellent food and refreshment at our restaurant and bar facilities, and perhaps some unexpected amenities, such as a rejuvenating spa treatment.



All of this and more make Heron Island a unique ecotourism destination for travellers of all ages and abilities.


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