• Your Bucket List

    Heron Island is #1 on our locals’ bucket list. Read more

  • Time out with the turtle

    The turtles on Heron Island weren’t always as loved as they are today. Read more

  • Lizards, turtles and Robin Crusoe resorts on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef

    Lisa Young from the Daily Mail reports on her visit to Heron, Wilson and Lizard islands – the experiences, the people and the stunning views.  Read more

  • Time of your life on island of two halves

    AT 800m long and only 300m wide, Heron Island is a coral cay at the bottom end of the Great Barrier Reef, 72km from Gladstone in central Queensland, and the only isle in Australia which has two time zones. As one of only a few resort islands that shares its sand and sea with a nature research centre, staff have to be mindful of the loss or gain of an hour when they cross between the two. Read more

  • Close Encounters

    Spend a few tropical days amid noddy terns and nesting turtles on two jewels of the southern Great Barrier Reef: Heron and Wilson islands.

  • Top Snorkelling Spots in Australia

    Heron Island has been chosen as one of the best snorkelling sites in Australia by the Australian Geographic Magazine. Read More

  • Right Wavelength 

    Heron Island ticks the boxes on Belinda Jackson’s family wish-list. It’s a two-hour ferry journey or, if you’re flush, half an hour in a chopper. Read more

  • Going Swimmingly – Oceanswims 2011

    Ocean swimmers flocked to Heron Island over the weekend to compete in the first Great Barrier Reef ocean swim event. One hundred and twenty swimmers participated in the 1km and 3km events around the island, a participation rate that Oceanswims director Paul Ellercamp was happy with.
    Read more

  • Project AWARE at Heron Island’s Dive Festival

    Celebrating Heron Island as one of Australia’s premier dive destinations, the 2011 Heron Island Dive Festival took divers on an underwater adventure during the week of 05 – 11 September. Diving industry leaders and renowned dive speakers were at the festival to talk about a variety of topics. David Roe, Project AWARE Marine Conservation Officer, who attended the festival, reports on this great and well-attended event. Read More

  • Mature-Age Swim Around Heron Island

    Yahoo News – August 10, 2011
    The Great Barrier Reef Swim is a 3km event to be held around Heron Island. It will be the centrepiece of four days of ocean swimming activities that will include informal ocean swims on surrounding reefs. Read more: au.news.yahoo.com

  • Sea turtle nesting spectacle a reason to brave Australia’s wet season

    The Gazette – August 08, 2011
    …In dry season, the trip…spectacular. In wet season, you may…lucky.The turtle action doesn…led by a resort naturalist…minute walk to the beach…mother green sea turtles going to nest in that…was peak season for nesting.The turtles…dig to the wet stuff to…their eggs. A turtle deposits… Read more: montrealgazette.com

  • The turtle’s tale: an epic struggle made harder by man

    The Age- April 30, 2011
    My ritual evening circumnavigation of Heron Island ends with a walk out onto the breakwater of the marina, heart beating a little faster at the prospect of a moonlight assignation with beautiful Ben. I’ve missed the turtle season but Ben – a giant green turtle, about the size of a dodgem car – is not one of those fly-by-nighters who come and go with the breeding cycle. Read more: theagecom.au

  • One fish, two fish, 72 fish

    The Sydney Morning Herald – February 8, 2009
    The snorkelling off Heron Island, at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, is superb but, like all snorkelling, it’s not a young man’s game: it’s something for the over-three crowd. Read more: smh.com.au