About Aldesta Hotel Group

Heron Island is owned and operated by Aldesta Hotel Group, Ltd. Our goal is to provide an exceptional guest experience.
Our commitment to caring for the park and our guests is reflected in ground-breaking programs such as GreenPath® and GuestPath®.

Other Aldesta Hotel Locations:



  • Wilson Island (website coming soon)

About Our Parent Company Saliance Global Holdings Co. Ltd.

Either directly or through our affiliates, we have interests in a wide range of sectors, from automotive-parts manufacturing for leading car makers, high technology and energy to real estate, resorts ad sports and recreation. Saliance Global Holdings is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Aldesta Hotel Group

We develop one-of-a-kind hotels and resorts that cater to a high-flying tourist celebrating the best that life has to offer. From luxury waterfront resorts to golfers’ retreats, convention settings, romantic spa getaways, outdoor-recreation and more, we’re making the world a more welcoming place.

Shanghai SanDun Manufacturing

We supply auto parts for some of the most famous car-makers in the world: General Motors, Volkswagon, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Audi and more. These internationally-branded firms know that they can count on us for quality and reliability. We understand what the end-consumer needs; that’s why we’re a proven market leader in this competitive sector.

G&Q Real Estate

Our real estate and property management division develops buildings and communities where residents enjoy an optimal mix of convenience and livability. We work with construction firms, municipalities and other stakeholders to provide sustainable structures with excellent amenities and opportunities for people to enjoy the high-end lifestyle they deserve.

Sports & Recreation

As developing countries get richer, a new class of globetrotting tourists is enjoying new opportunities to have life-changing experiences in scenic backdrops. We’re working with tourism partners and city-level stakeholders in many parts of the world to offer unparalleled sports and recreation venues like golf courses, ski runs, swimming pools, beaches, boating and fishing piers and more.

High Tech & Energy

Our technology division aims to develop new market-driven inventions, software, energy production and industrial processes with the potential to change the world. We partner and communicate with universities, research centres, engineering firms, and innovative firms that hold the breakthrough to a brighter future.